WitnessTree Land & Livestock Farm - Preserving the Old Ways
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You can help support our efforts to keep genetically valuable breeds from disappearing. By sponsoring your chosen animal for a year, you will receive a certificate showing the individual animal's photo, vital statistics, breed information, and a free pass to our October festival (see "Keeping It Simple").
Just view the slideshow below and choose an animal, then click on that animal's Paypal button. Give us a few days to acknowledge, as we are hard at work on the farm all the time and may have to play "catch-up". And MANY THANKS if you do choose to sponsor!
"Josie, Jed, Winky"
Brabant Belgian sponsorship
Price: $200.00
Horse Name:
"Dahlia, Maymie, Cinnia"
Randall cow sponsorship
Price: $100.00
Heifer Name:
"Darla Two"
Arapawa sponsorship
Price: $50.00
Enter Option Name:
"Baby Goat"
Arapawa sponsorship
Price: $30.00
Enter Option Name:
Mr. & Mrs. Dark Cornish
Dark Cornish sponsorship
Price: $20.00
Enter Option Name:
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