WitnessTree Land & Livestock Farm - Preserving the Old Ways
Thank you for coming to visit. Our goal is to share old wisdom and ways of living with the land just as our ancestors did. To that end, we strive to make better known the rare, heritage breeds of livestock, poultry, seeds, herbs, and produce, and the sometimes-forgotten methods of day-to-day living from simpler times. 
Why the name, WitnessTree? The name was chosen for two reasons. A witness tree was the tree that stood closest to the place where section corners met when U.S. land was first being surveyed early in history. This marked "witness tree" was never to be cut down. Every piece of land that we own happens to have a witness tree marking a section corner.
And perhaps more importantly, trees are living witnesses to the passage of time and to the events that unfold beneath their branches, sometimes over the course of centuries.  They have endured.
Hence, the name of our farm. We, too, hope that what we try to share here will endure.
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