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Every Day is Busy....

We are in the throes of haying season, and since we put up square bales, we need at least 4 straight days of dry weather to get it cut, air dried, raked, baled and put into the barn. No small task, I assure you. And just to add to the enjoyment of the job, usually it takes place when the temperatures are well into the 90's, along with our renowned Missouri humidity. We're always looking for volunteers who want a real farming experience, so if you feel like pitching a few bales and want a guaranteed workout, get in touch with us....

Spent the better part of today putting together lots of new boxes and frames for my bees. The colonies are growing and need new housing lest they fly off to seek better accommodations, so their landlady (me) had to hustle and get with the program. Two coats of linseed oil on the hive bodies and twenty new frames freshly wired and with new wax foundation and we should be good to go for tomorrow's beeyard visit. 

Was thrilled to see the indigo buntings back for the season. Such stunning birds. We have a great variety of bird life here, and I always take the time to stop what I'm doing if I see or hear a bird that catches my attention. It's like taking a quiet time out from the busy-ness for a little bit of soul refreshment from nature. 

Be sure to carve out time each day to unplug...the wild world has so much to offer.

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